Cabinet Doors Made of Glass!

Create your own design

bathtub-54587Choose from a virtually endless variety of cabinet doors to give your kitchen or bathroom an original look. Glass cabinet doors come in a wide range of designs and finishes, such as beveled, etched, carved or frosted glass, giving you the chance to do something really unique. You can even tint the glass, similar to how a limousine company Dayton OH would do on their cars for even more privacy and sleekness.

Whether you need an entire cabinet or just a glass insert, there is a design for you. Glass cabinet doors are a beautiful alternative to wooden cabinets and not only do they offer more in terms of style but the glass has the ability to make small rooms look bigger.

Installing glass cabinet doors doesn’t necessarily mean the contents of your cabinet are in plain view. Beautifully crafted artwork can ensure the only thing eye catching will be the cabinet and not the contents.

For the more adventurous, why not have your favorite design travel across your cabinets – it’s a simple but effective way of giving your bathroom or kitchen its own identity.

Kitchens and bathrooms have been overlooked for too long when it comes to interior design, but attention to detail can make all the difference when remaking your home. Don’t underestimate the transforming power of a well made cabinet, they offer a great deal more than storage.

Paneled Cabinet Doors 

If glass isn’t to your taste but you still want to give your kitchen or bathroom something special, then you won’t be disappointed. Wooden cabinet doors come in a variety of shades  – dark, medium or light – and a range of styles almost too numerous to mention.

Cabinet Glass

Kitchens have an unpleasant knack of looking dated well before any other room in the house and most of the time the cabinets, tiles and work surfaces are to blame. However, because your cabinets are at eye level, if you want to enjoy your kitchen they’ve just got to look good! Replacing kitchen cabinets doesn’t have to be expensive and with the minumum of fuss you can have the kitchen you always dreamed about.

A blonde ash can give really give a kitchen a fabulous lift and at the same time enlarge the appearance of the room. Or perhaps you would prefer to make more of a statement with a darker cherry or cranberry finish.

Maple cabinets are among the most versatile and look great in both kitchen and bathroom – but don’t stop there, check out the full range of cherry, hickory, laminate, oak and rustic cabinets. The choice is yours.