Custom Interior Doors

Doors CustomWhen it comes to home improvements, interior doors have been an afterthought for too long. Doors and Windows, however, seek to change all and what better way to do it than to explore the range of stylish doors currently available on the market. Function, style, color and finish should all be considered when choosing interior doors because the right choice gives a beautiful living space that extra touch.

It is also important to consider the size of furniture and other items that kitchener moving companies will have to work with when delivering goods to your home. If the doorways and window entrances aren’t big enough to fit through, you might find yourself in a bit of a mess.

Doors and Windows know that interior doors vary in size and quality, so even if your budget won’t extent to a solid real wood, there are plenty of attractive alternatives.door-1013696

Molded Interior Doors

For the look and feel of real wood but at affordable prices, molded doors come in various colors with either a smooth or grain finish. The smooth finish gives a polished effect that can really give a room a lift. While the presence of a grain finish adds warmth and depth to a room’s interior.

Choose from glazed or matt finished doors across a wide variety of styles. You can also mix and match both single and multiple paneled doors throughout the home, for a more interesting effect.

Plus, for the safety conscious fire molded safety doors are also available.

Flush Interior Doors

Flush doors are synonymous with practicality and are ideal for filling all kinds of awkward door spaces. The beauty of a flush door is not only in its appearance, coming in Oak, Ash, Beech or Mahogany finishes but also in its versatility – it can be used as an interior or exterior door.

The fact that it is flush means it can be cut to fit any size and if security is a concern. Adaptable and affordable, flush doors are also available glazed and are commonly used in modern apartments for their sleek finish.

Newland Glazed Interior Door

This glass paneled door is a composite of mixed materials and comes ready for a color or stain of your choosing. If you are looking to give your living space a touch of zest, this modern design will give your home that spring effect all year round!

And with stylish brass door handles, this elegant number makes a wonderful addition to any type of home. The Newland is the perfect complement for wooden floors.

Victorian Style Interior Door

This period style interior door would make a beautiful addition to any home, a classic that has lasted the test of time due simply to its charm. The exposed frame and ledges give a tasteful finish to any room and adds a hint of a bygone era.

Depending on the room you wish to use it, the Victorian can be painted, stained or varnished to either blend in or stand out from its surroundings. It is made up of both real wood an veneer composites.

The glass panel is toughened for safety but its attractive design is typical of the Victorian age, when architecture and interior design were at their peak.

Pine Interior Door

Let a pine interior door add a classy finish to your home. This firm favorite is not only adaptable and classy but made of the finest materials. Painted, stained or varnished, the pine door remains the door of choice for the discerning homeowner and looks fantastic with polished brass handles.

Pine doors are paneled and also available in glass, which gives any living space a much brighter feel. In fact we advocate using doors and windows as much as possible with ambiance in mind.