Glass Doors

A Household Favorite

FiberglassFiberglass doors have become a firm favorite among builders and homeowners alike because they not only look great but are longer lasting than wood or even steel doors.

The problem with steel doors is that they are easily dented and any scratches can cause rust and decay. Also, because steel conducts the outdoor temperature, insulation can be a problem during the winter months.

During the summer months it is nice to have some glass doors to let light in especially when you’re entertaining friends with fun summer bbq catering events, deck and pool parties!

Wooden doors also have some other disadvantages compared to steel doors. While they may look great, they can be expensive. The nature of timber also means it can absorb dampness, in fact whatever the weather, wind, hail or shine – wood doors have a tendency to bow, warp or twist over time. The high-end finish of wood doors doesn’t come hassle free, regular maintenance is needed to prevent paint from bubbling or peeling.

Fiberglass doors have none of the above disadvantages, which is why they are fast becoming such a favorite among homeowners. They are just as secure as steel and durable against dents and scratches. The fiberglass material doesn’t conduct outside temperatures due to its thermal core, so the good news is your house is energy sufficient all year round. Made of the highest quality fiberglass materials, you can have peace of mind knowing your door is secure and guaranteed not to bow, twist or warp.

Choose doors across a range of styles, including grain and wood finishes.

Fiberglass Entry Doors – Installation

If old doors are looking a little weather beaten and need replaced with fiberglass entry doors, consider making the additional purchase of a door frame. Commonly, new doors were simply hung on the hinges of the existing door frame once the old door had been removed. However, renewing your entire entry system makes a remarkable difference in the overall look of the house. Not only will this enhance the property aesthetically but will also increase the value overnight.

Buying the complete frame with your fiberglass entry doors also means you won’t have to compromise on style and finishes. Your door can be designed to your taste and fitted to the frame at the factory – enabling you to choose from a wide range of styles incorporating engravings, glass panels or finishes such as grain and steel.

The fiber core of the door keeps your home energy sufficient but that doesn’t mean no other materials can be added to the exterior of the door. Customize your door with wood, metal and glass paneling to ensure your home is ahead of the rest of.

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