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shutters-669296Doors and windows are the crowing glory of any home and have the potential to turn your home into your castle. Whether you are building from scratch, reverse engineering a project or simply giving your abode a bit of a face-lift, choosing quality and style is crucial to the look of your property.

My uncle who owns a 24 hour tow truck Toledo Ohio just redid his entire home for a super bargain price. Transforming your home needn’t be an expensive process, which is why our range suits every budget, big or small. So whether you want to replace interior, exterior or even garage doors, we have a range of top quality products that won’t break the bank.

Are you on the lookout for new windows? Our selection of dazzling windows have the ability to bring any home back to life – timber frames continue to deliver that effortlessly classy finish, while the latest in advancements can revitalize any property in need of modernization.

Of course appearances aren’t everything, which is why our doors and windows are also energy efficient and made to the highest safety standards.

rain-980076Doors and windows are wonderful, but have you ever considered trying something new? If you are wanting to do something different with a room but not sure what, then we have the answer.

At Doors and Windows, we know that architects and designers have been using roof windows as part of stunning new designs for some time.

If you are looking to revitalise a dull room that never seems to get the sun, then nothing brings a room to life better than a roof window. The good news is you won’t be stuck for choice, as there are many stylish designs to choose from in all shapes and sizes. And apart from looking great, they also provide generous amounts of circulation throughout the home.

Save money on utlity bills with an energy efficient roof window, they generate heat when the sun is out and stop drafts when it’s not.

If you are fortunate enough to have a lovely view to wake up to each morning, a roof window will give you greater scope to take in the scenery. But the real secret to roof windows is using them to redesign an otherwise uninspired living area – find out how a roof window can transform your home into something very special.

Ring in the changes this year and revamp your home with gorgeous patio doors. Not only do patio doors look fantastic, but they can also increase the value of your home.

Doors and windows change the look of your home, but patio doors change its character and with six different sizes available, no home need go without. If you are concerned about design restrictions then you can relax, patio doors are both versatile and easy to install.

Folding patio doors look wonderful no matter what the weather – cuddle up with a coffee and look out at the rain or watch streams of sunlight just fill up the room.

Pull back the doors and be one with your environment – nothing combines indoors and out like patio doors.

The panes are tempered, meaning it’s five times stronger than standard glass while the graded seals keep drafts firmly at bay. Check out this list of patio doors that come in a range of finishes. For that understated elegant look nothing can compare to Oak.

Many patio doors featured by Doors and Windows have multi-lock security systems with internal drop bolts, which are secured neatly into the hardwood core. So you won’t be sacrificing security for style – there is plenty of both!

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